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People generally are not experts in the practice of deception. Paper records inevitably tend to exist. Telephone bills can reveal long distance numbers that are called frequently but don’t correspond to normal personal or business use. Personal credit card billings can reveal unusual patterns of expenditures that may be traceable. Bank statements also can identify questionable withdrawals; for example, withdrawals from ATM machines are recorded by location. The identification of such locations may prove useful.

Even where a businessman or woman uses corporate credit cards or accounts to mask unusual and suspicious expenditures, it may be possible to detect the paper trail.

In this time, when computers and Email are common and commonly used without much thought toward security, a hard drive or even floppy disks can reveal a wealth of information. Often times, even erased files may be recoverable without extensive technical expertise and without revealing the intrusion to the user of the computer.


Much of the best information we can obtain in a family law investigation is developed from direct observation, including video and/or photographic evidence that often can meet state evidentiary standards.

Almost all public places are fair territory for observation and the making of a visual record. Most people in illicit relationships seem to think they’re invisible, so opportunities for this option generally are available.

People tend to feel particularly free and open on trips away from home. The other party to an affair may openly meet a person under suspicion at an airport, hotel, or other public location. The person who lives in the destination city may drive a car that will reveal his or her identity. Both may have arrangements in place to reside together at a hotel or residence. If it’s a residence, a property record can identify the owner.

At the same time, a good private investigator must be able to recognize the difference between normal business conduct and illicit conduct. A woman who meets a husband under suspicion at the airport may only be the business associate he was sent to meet. They normally could be expected to share a business dinner during the visit. At issue will be how they relate to each other while in public and whether or not they avoided opportunities to express some deeper personal relationship. Also at issue is whether or not the person who lives in this city feels constrained.

In the home city, a spouse under suspicion can be observed during the hours corresponding to lunch breaks and immediately after working hours. Both are times when meetings with a third party are likely. Day trips to nearby cities, ostensibly for work or business reasons, can be monitored. Again, these may be routine and required by the type of work involved, or that very routine can provide cover for illicit activity.

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