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Rick Johnson & Associates
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Your corporate client is a victim of kickbacks, internal theft, financial irregularities, theft of trade secrets, contract fraud, misappropriate of company assets, or misuse of company property…

You represent a corporate client facing allegations of bribery, fraud, sexual harassment, professional misconduct, or financial irregularities....

And Time is Critical

Witnesses need to be identified, located, and interviewed.

Documents of all types must be located, obtained, and evaluated.

Background investigations need to be conducted.

Surveillance must be scheduled.


Is there anything in the vitae of the other side’s experts that can be used to challenge credibility?

Is there anything in the background of any other opposing witness that can be used to challenge credibility? What about your own witnesses?

As depositions are completed, what leads do they contain and how do you find and pursue them?

In Your Defense

Rick Johnson, President of Rick Johnson & Associates of Colorado, Inc., is a former investigator for the Denver County and Jefferson County District Attorneys Offices.

In his nine years with these law enforcement agencies, he was a major force in the white-collar crime units, and as an investigator for the grand jury.

In private practice since 1987, Rick has investigated tens of thousands of cases for attorneys, insurance companies, governmental agencies, corporations, and individuals in Colorado and across the nation.

On The Record

Rick was the investigator called upon by the Denver Election’s Commission in 1987 to investigate allegations of kickbacks and election fraud

Rick was the investigator called upon more recently by the Arapahoe Board of County Commissioners to investigate allegations of misconduct by Arapahoe Clerk & Recorder Tracy Baker.

His investigation in 2002 of allegations of fraud by mortgage brokers in Colorado was followed in February, 2004, by a 37-Count Federal indictment.

Rick was the investigator called upon by a major Colorado city to probe the background of candidates for executive police and fire positions.

Four municipalities hired Rick to investigate allegations of police chief misconduct. All resigned.

How We Can Help

We have access to multiple local and national resources that provide on-demand results to help us...

  • Locate People of Interest
  • Check civil and criminal court records in virtually any state
  • Check Colorado and many other state jurisdictions for statewide arrest and sex offender records
  • Check Federal civil, criminal, and bankruptcy records nationwide, including the records of many appellate courts.
  • Verify professional credentials and employment
  • Verify membership in professional societies and associations.
  • Identify and obtain documentation for corporations in virtually any state.
  • Search news archives and many other types of media for relevant data
  • Verify many types of assets in contemplation of legal action.

The range of information available today and the range of sources and resources, whether paper or electronic, is astounding, and all of it can be brought to bear on your behalf.

And, of course, we take the extra steps necessary to make sure that the information obtained is verified and properly compiled into a report that makes sense.

We challenge ourselves so that you don’t have to.

The Bottom Line

From his law enforcement background, Rick’s skill in interviews can save you precious time, effort, and expense.

From his long-standing and broad experience in private practice, Rick comes to the table with clear expectations of what else you may want to achieve and how it may be best and most economically achieved.

And, whatever the assignment, Rick’s skilled and experienced presence in the witness chair at trial is a real option.

Rick Johnson & Associates is available 24/7. Calls placed to investigators, even after hours, are returned promptly.

More about Rick Johnson and our company can be found on-line at:


Rick is the founder and president of the Private Investigator’s Academy of the Rockies, a course of study for new and prospective private investigators.

He also teaches an introductory course through the Colorado Free University for those considering entry into the profession.

Discreet, Thorough,
Accurate & Creative

  • Former Investigator for the Denver and Jefferson District Attorney’s Offices

  • Police misconduct and related investigations for Central City, Breckenridge, Fowler, and Fort Lupton. And Risk Assessment investigations for Denver.

  • The only private investigative agency in Colorado to be hired by the Denver Election Commission to investigate allegations of campaign fraud and kickbacks.

  • Broad knowledge of criminal & civil law, insurance regulations, and common sense acquired through almost 30 years of investigative experience.

  • One of the few investigative firms in Colorado to carry $2 million in liability insurance.

  • More than 22,000 civil and criminal cases investigated.

  • Member:
    • World Association of Detectives
    • Intelnet
    • President, Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado
    • National Council of Investigation and Security Services
    • California Association of Legal Investigators

  • Associate Member, Colorado and Denver Bar Associations

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