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Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson is a former investigator for the Denver County and Jefferson County District Attorneys’ Offices, where he specialized in complex white collar crimes. He also served as grand jury investigator.

Rick started his private practice in Colorado in 1987. His first major investigation in 1990 was a probe of political kickbacks conducted on behalf of the Denver Elections Commission that determined that 50 of 51 candidates broke the law. After his investigation, Denver changed the Election Law. Rick’s specialty in governmental misconduct included investigations into alleged misconduct by the police chiefs of four Colorado municipalities, all of whom resigned following Rick’s analysis.

In 2002, Rick was called upon by the Arapahoe Board of County Commissioners to investigate the activities of County Clerk Tracy Baker. Allegations of a sexual relationship and displays of favoritism toward a female employee had generated a lawsuit by another female employee, claiming discrimination and hostile work environment. Baker refused to resign. A recall election was held. Baker lost.

Rick also has specialized in domestic relations and child custody matters, including parental kidnapping, parenting time investigations, grandparents rights, matters of visitation, and related issues, including the recovery and return of minor children to parents in Colorado and in other states, who have primary legal custody.

Rick has volunteered himself and his investigative staff in service to the Metropolitan Volunteer Lawyers Program. The MVL provides legal services in civil matters to indigent and low income people who would otherwise be denied access to the courts.

Rick and his staff donate their time and resources for the non-profit organization Wish of a Lifetime which connects seniors to people, purpose, and passions to eliminate feelings of isolation and help them live vibrant, purposeful lives.

Rick also has volunteered himself and his Colorado Private Investigator staff in service to the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center. The Center provides legal services to indigent and low income parents regarding children’s legal issues.

Rick maintains a substantial litigation support effort on behalf of attorneys in Colorado and across the country. He was recently called upon by a California law firm to locate a potential witness known only by her initials and a possible past residence in Boulder, Colorado. Rick found the woman in Scotland.

Along with major corporate, law, and governmental clients, Rick has maintained a long-standing obligation to the problems of individuals.

In 2005, he responded to a plea from a mother whose daughter was engaged in an on-line and text-messaging relationship with a man via one of the most popular on-line dating sites. Photos and personal information were exchanged, but never by voice telephone. Repeated arrangements to meet were mysteriously cancelled by the man, but only after the daughter arrived at the arranged time and place.

Rick’s investigation revealed that the man actually was a woman stalker posing as a man, using photos taken from the Internet to present her image as a man and secretly shadowing the daughter, even joining her health club. Rick identified the woman, her employer, the man whose photos she was using, and much of her personal history.

Rick then arranged to confront the poser, and put an immediate end to the charade.

Rick served two terms as president of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado, Inc., (PPIAC.)

Rick is the founder and president of the Private Investigators Academy of the Rockies, a school for new and prospective investigators. It’s an introductory but comprehensive 18-hour course focusing on everything from how to set up and run a business to the major components of typical investigations, with an emphasis throughout the course on the law and ethics.

In 2010, Rick founded the Colorado Society of Private Investigators and is the current president of that organization. Additional information can be found at www.colopi.org

Mark Goode

Mark is a former member of the San Diego, California, Police Department, and a former detective with the Lakewood Police Department, where he worked in the Crimes Against Children Unit. He served with the United Nations Mission in Kosovo as a civilian police officer and Deputy Station Commander, supervising 200 Kosovar police officers and 45 international police officers.

Mark is a specialist in civil and criminal defense investigations, workers compensation matters, and video surveillance.

Steve Pease

Steve is a specialist in electronics, video surveillance, and the detection and installation of wiretaps and covert bugging devices. Steve has the equipment and knowledge to properly sweep, detect, and rid your home or office of illegally placed listening devices, and has the experience to testify in court regarding those devices. He is a qualified pilot and owns a private aircraft to expedite the transportation to a bugsweep.

Steve is a retired Southern Colorado law enforcement officer, where he worked in nearly every bureau and every discipline, from property crimes to supervising homicide investigations. He either supervised or was involved in over 20 homicide investigations.

During his 32-year extensive police experience, he has been on the scene investigating scores of major crimes and catastrophes. He has interviewed and/or interrogated hundreds of individuals that have been suspected of committing major crimes.

He was the Chief of Major Crimes, commanding, instructing, and guiding dozens of detectives and law enforcement officers, bringing to successful conclusion the investigation of many major crimes.

He has been a POST qualified instructor in the areas of interviewing and interrogation, report writing and documentation and defensive and pursuit driving. He is a certified Crisis (Hostage) Negotiator, trained by the FBI, and has personally negotiated dozens of tense, crisis situations.

Steve currently travels the country teaching police detectives, social workers, federal agents, corporate executives, physicians, and attorneys techniques for interviewing and interrogation of suspects and witnesses. The program has been touted as being one of the best in the country.

Kyle Strunk

Kyle brings over 20 years of military intelligence and leadership experience to the pursuit of the truth in family law, surveillance, employee theft, insurance fraud, and cults. He uses the latest technologies in overt and covert surveillance, social media exploitation and in difficult cases…aircraft. His military leadership background allow him to coordinate local as well as multi-state cases. He has uncovered workers compensation fraud and deception resulting in a settlements saving his clients millions of dollars. He uses all available resources to ensure that his clients have the best information to make informed, important decisions. These decisions involve marriage, divorce, child custody, hiring/firing or whether to pursue litigation. His experience and flexibility make him one of the most sought after investigators on the front range.

Kyle is a graduate of the Private Investigator Academy of the Rockies. He has a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Science. He graduated in the top of his class from the Defense Language Institute Arabic language program. Kyle speaks Arabic and German.

Chris Wells

Chris’s expertise extends across computer and cell phone forensics, vehicle system forensics, Call Detail Record analysis and mapping, cyber-investigations, and cybersecurity.

Having been involved professionally in information technology since 1983, Chris began in software development, working extensively on computer modeling of the atmosphere, large-scale digital information preservation, and digital avionics. Now, in addition to over 1,000 hours of classroom training in his areas of expertise, Chris holds highly-regarded certifications in digital forensics, the law of data security and investigations, and computer, smartphone, and website security.

Chris is a licensed private investigator in Colorado, and a member of the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado, Colorado Society of Private Investigators, International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, High-Technology Crime Investigation Association, and Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado.

Well-known for his ability to explain complex technical topics in simple and practical terms, Chris frequently gives presentations on digital evidence-related issues to attorneys and investigators.

James Tooley

James began his nearly 25-year career as an investigator specializing in theft, fraud, and other types of misconduct on behalf of many of Colorado’s major corporations.

James also is a specialist in surveillance who is experienced in the use of the latest electronic equipment and special tactics.

Tony Gerardo

Tony Gerardo is a highly accomplished surveillance investigator with 25 years of experience concerning family issues, insurance matters, and corporate issues.


Dan Luzadder

Dan Luzadder is a long-time investigative reporter and writer who acts as consultant to private investigators on inquiries in the public interest. He brings more than 30 years experience in complex investigations on behalf of major US newspapers and magazines on a wide range of subjects that include public corruption, white collar and cold-case criminal inquires, and political conduct and intrigue.

He has specialized in uncovering hard-to-find information, sophisticated source development and intelligence gathering. He is a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter who has also been recognized by major journalistic and civic organizations. He has been recognized by the American Bar Association for his contributions to public understanding of issues of civic importance, and is a member of the Scripps Howard Journalism Hall of Fame.

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