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“Rick Johnson is Colorado’s premier private investigator. If you’re serious about private investigations, this class is where you want to be.”

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Method to the Mysteries of a Secretive Business

Daniel Luzadder, Investigative Journalist and Pulitzer Prize Winner – PI Academy Class of Fall 2010

“Excellent training – I needed an overview of private investigation and this academy was well worth my time and money. ”

Student – Spring 2019

“After 40 plus years in law enforcement, I learned a great deal about private investigations. The Academy was well worth my time and money.”

Marco Vasquez – Spring 2019

“Learned about databases, how to start a PI business, interview process, the proper way to write reports. ”

Student – Spring 2019

“Fantastic course from a real live PI. Awesome Job.”

James Horton – Spring 2019

“Great class, wealth of knowledge in that book and class.”

Student – Spring 2019

“I think Jennifer [Brown, guest speaker] is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource that I plan to take advantage of. I will definitely be reaching out to her.”

Student – Fall 2019

“Rick cares about the profession – that much is obvious. He cares that it is done right.”

Thomas Phillips – Spring 2018

“Rick’s Academy provided me with a depth of knowledge that greatly enhanced my investigative abilities across the board. I felt like I have received an entire semester’s worth of knowledge and study in only 5 days. Anyone who wants to be immediate-value-added should take this course.”

Josh Williams – Spring 2018

“This was well worth my time. Highly recommend to brand new PI’s or PI’s who recently moved to Colorado.”

Bryan Johnson – Spring 2018

“This is the best information I have been provided with. No punches were pulled in this Academy.”

Pervis Gene Johnson – Spring 2018

“Jenn was incredibly professional and provided thorough, detailed, and relevant answers to all the questions we asked throughout the presentation. Her knowledge and experience makes me want to see if she has an employment opportunity.”

Student – Spring 2018

“I really liked the degree to which [Jenn’s] ethics determined the scope and methods of how she does her job. Seems like a straight-shooter.”

Student – Spring 2018

“Excellent course with extremely useful information provided by a master investigator with over 40 years of experience in the field supplemented by a very thorough, comprehensive and well-organized syllabus.”

Kevin Tong – Fall 2018

“I really enjoyed Rick and his stories. Hearing about real life cases was not only useful but entertaining.”

Student – Fall 2018

“The homework was engaging, lessons were straight forward, class frank and honest.”

Student – Fall 2018

“Very informative and thought provoking!”

Student – Fall 2018

“This class is an enormous source for anyone thinking about becoming a P.I.”

Terri Rist – Spring 2017

“This class is an enormous source for anyone thinking about becoming a P.I.”

Terri Rist – Spring 2017

“This Academy far exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended the Fall Academy to a couple of my interested friends.”

Student – Spring 2017

“I greatly appreciate the wisdom, knowledge, and experience that Rick Johnson brings to these sessions. It’s really great to see him challenge the students and members to encourage them to push themselves to be the best they can be (and the risks with not taking that role seriously). I look forward to learning more about PI best practices and protocols so that I feel confident with pursuing long term, and cspi will hopefully continue to be a valued resource. Nice work with the networking too!”

Tracy Aguero – Fall 2017

“Jenn was so interesting! Very knowledgeable, organized, and informative. Would definitely attend other sessions with Jenn.”

Student – Fall 2017

“This course gave me a great insight into the business. It made me think what areas I might be stronger, or not. I had questions after each class that I brought up the next class.”

Kimberly Vogel – Fall 2017

“I have been talking about enrolling in this course for a few years. Finally I did it and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! Rick has so much experience, such magnificent experiences, and tons of knowledge. To say I am thankful to have learned from him is an understatement. This course was awesome.”

Alexandra Slavin – Fall 2017

“Rick is fanstastic – a delightful, knowedgeable, thoughtful teacher and mentor. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and look forward to my continued learning.”

Brigette Bustos – Fall 2017

“Rick is a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point investigator and teacher, you will get honest and constructive feedback, and I laughed, smiled and had fun every class.”

Shannon Weeks – Spring 2017

“The Private Investigator’s Academy of the Rockies is a good value for anyone considering a career as an investigator. Rick Johnson brings a breadth and depth of experience in the field but what stands out is his passion for the work.”

Joelle Brouner – Spring 2017

“Jenn Brown is fantastic. I am very glad to have learned from her. She is thorough and sincere.”

Student – Spring 2017

“Rick’s Academy serves as a perfect introduction to the private eye field in Colorado. If you’re on the fence about a potential career change, you should take this class. It is also a great networking opportunity.”

Kelsey Warner – Fall 2016

“The course was very informative. I enjoyed hearing examples from Mr. Johnson, real life experiences in the industry.”

Anonymous – Spring 2016

“The academy was very informative and helped me to realize that I could actually run my own business. I enjoyed the real-life stories told by Rick because it gave an actual perspective of what we were learning.”

Danika Gonzales – Fall 2016

“Good job Rick! It was a privilege to learn from all your years of experience.”

Wayne Young – Fall 2016

“As an attendee of Rick’s first Academy in 2003 and new to the Profession I would highly recommend attending the Academy as a refresher class to hone your skills and break any bad habits that may have been picked up without knowledge of the Private Investigator.

Rick is very generous with his time and experience in helping Investigators realize their full potential and skills.”

Kris Hallquist – Fall 2016

“The Academy really opens your eyes to the legal and judicial system we have to operate under. I am more knowledgeable of it and better prepared to deal with it.”

Skip Reeves – Spring 2016

“The Private Investigator’s Academy of the Rockies is a great introduction to the world of research and intelligence that goes into developing an investigator that becomes a key player to successful outcomes. Rick Johnson’s experience makes him a top-notch instructor. His course is worth the investment.”

Jymmetta Pearl Reeves – November 2015

“Eye-opening and very informative! Rick’s presentation style is refreshing and effective. Beneficial to all levels of investigator.”

Gary L. Green – November 2015

“Mr. Johnson is a good instructor, he is very informative and explains things well.”

Anonymous – Spring 2016

“Enlightening, informative, interesting and fun!”

student – November 2015

“Rick’s knowledge and experience with public corruption cases was a priceless learning opportunity. The education provided on this subject was not only fascinating but also an opportunity to learn and engage with one of the country’s few investigators who has unearthed and successfully brought general public figures and organizations’ deep-rooted corruption and illegal activities to court and made public.”

Brittany Kelley – November 2015

“Rick is a wealth of knowledge. He shares his experiences in a straight forward, matter of fact manner, which I value greatly in an instructor. He is easy to listen to, keeps his students interested in what he has to say, and is passionate about the content.”

Katie Bolton – Winter 2015

“Rick provides a no-nonsense approach to private investigator training. His 40 years of experience and knowledge in the PI field greatly enhance the value of his offered courses.”

Lloyd Fanning – Winter 2015

“The interaction with Rick is like a 1-on-1 conversation, even though there are 20 people.”

Student – Winter 2015

“Very entertaining personality.”

Student – Winter 2015

“All it was billed to be and more. Thanks, Rick!”

Student – Winter 2015

“Most informative class ever.”

John Brogan – Spring 2014

“The Academy was very informative. This class gave me the insight I needed to choose my career direction.”

Angela Zuccaro-Gaughan – Spring 2014

“Amazing class. Invaluable information. Your investigative career depends on taking this class.”

Student – Spring 2014

“Fantastic classes! Great speakers! Wonderful instructor! Rick Johnson is passionate, enthusiastic, and has a great sense of humor. Rick wants his students to succeed and is willing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience to make that happen. His experience is invaluable in all areas of investigative work. If you are looking for a “REAL” account of what PI work is all about… take this class!”

Shannon Peterson – Spring 2014

“Most impressive presentation ever. Wonderful class – hope you offer other classes in the future.”

Student – Spring 2014

“Excellent teaching style. Very informative and very entertaining! Great Guest Speakers!”

Student – Spring 2014

“Rick is very thorough and will definitely make you think and be a better person, and a hard worker.”

Tony G. – Spring 2014

“Not enough time! Great information! Great instructor! A very “real” account of investigation work. When’s the next class?”

Student – Spring 2014

“I absolutely loved the course. I wish it was longer and involved more material regarding surveillance. I hope there will be other courses offered by Rick that address more comprehensive aspect of Skip Tracing, surveillance, adoption searches, public faud, etc. The only problem I had was the fact that we would be asked to do homework assignments before we actually covered the material. Maybe this was because we were woefully behind in the material. But whatever. I would absolutely love to see more classes offered.”

Student – Spring 2014

“I really enjoyed the PI Academy of the Rockies. All of the instructors were very informative and I enjoyed their personal experiences and stories. I am looking forward to pursuing a career in investigative work.”

Andrew Martinez – Fall 2013

“Thank you, Rick. You opened my eyes to the PI world and confirmed in my mind that I want to pursue this line of work.”

Anonymous – Fall 2013

“Excellent class. Wish it lasted for several more weeks. There’s so much information to absorb. The homework assignments were great learning tools. Love Rick’s sense of humor! 🙂 ”

Anonymous – Fall 2013

“Very fun and informative!”

Anonymous – Fall 2013

“The academy is a broad overview of the private investigation field. It is a great first step to figure out what area to partake in.”

Ashley Jetta Garcia – Spring 2013

“Great information. I wish I would have taken this course years ago when I started in the business!”

Stephen Powell – Spring 2013

“Great avenue to send possible future employees. Glad I took the course.”

Kathy S. Carlson – Spring 2013

“Appreciated the no-nonsense, straight-forward delivery. The anecdotes and experiences were highly valuable. Good teaching methods.”

Student – Fall 2012

“Rick is very knowledgable about all areas of investigation and shared his experience (through some of his real cases) which made the class much more fun!”

Student – Fall 2012

“Excellent introductory course. I learned a lot of practical things on a wide variety of investigation subjects. The homework was great to reinforce what we learned but I would sequence it to coincide with the classroom material. As for your style, it’s right-on. You were a DI (drill instructor) in a boot camp for a tough business. Great job!”

Geary Keeton – Spring 2012

“The Private Investigators Academy of the Rockies exceeded my expectations. An amazing value considering the great information that was shared and the experience of the presenter and speakers. Thank you!”

Cindy Miller – Spring 2012

“The training manual contains such helpful information. I foresee referencing it in years to come.”

Lindsay Gannott Gehde – Spring 2012

“This course provided me with a valuable foundation on which to build a career in this industry.”

Christina Miller – Spring 2012

“If you are serious about a career as a private investigator, regardless of your background and education as an investigator, you would benefit in taking the course and finding out how working in Colorado functions vis a vis being an investigator.”

Joe Wesley – Spring 2012

“Rick is awesome. He is a wonderful teacher!!”

Sara Warwick – Spring 2012

“Rick is a well-rounded individual with a world of knowledge to share. It’s too bad the course is not long enough to really pick his brain.”

Thomas Walsh – Spring 2012

“I am really glad I signed up for this course. I now have a realistic idea of the responsibility involved with running a PI business. Also great fun!”

Sean Harris – Spring 2012

“I found the information in the class to be very fascinating and useful. This class gave me a very grounded, down to earth view on exactly what private investigators do. Every minute I spent in class and on homework was well worth the time and price. I really enjoyed the class and would take it again in a heartbeat!”

Whitney Hey – Spring 2011

“Excellent course. Definitely on the same level with the college courses I’ve taken before, if not higher. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone interested in the P.I. field.”

Rodolfo Guerrero – Spring 2011

“I really enjoyed this class. So much information and so little time. Thanks, Rick.”

Brenda Haenel – Spring 2011

“Wealth of knowledge – very inspiring!”

Fran Seiner – Spring 2011

“I truly feel I gained more knowledge about this subject than I had anticipated. I plan to put to good use a number of items learned over the course of 3 weeks. The greatest compliment I can give you is that I entered your Academy with a skull full of mush and now leave thinking like a Private Investigator!!!”

Steven M. Crete – Spring 2011

“This course is well worth the money. It’s organized, fun, but most of all a serious course for aspiring private investigators. Rick knows his stuff!”

Lucilla Giron – Fall 2010

“There is no better source of real-world knowledge than Rick Johnson. He is excellent and I would recommend him to anyone.”

David Muelken – Fall 2010

“Thank you very much, Rick and the guest speakers. Your course is definitely going to be helpful to me as I begin to move forward in my new career as an investigator and process server.”

Ramona Gomez – Spring 2010

“This course is a no-holds-barred, punch-in-the-gut entry into the fascinating field of private investigation. It is refreshing to have someone be brutally honest, to care so much about work that is important and crucial and to have conviction in the worth of his reputation and reputation of the industry. The presentations, guest speakers, and class notebook are all well worth the cost of attending the course.”

Sally Bishop – Spring 2010

“As a corporate professional for over 20 years, I was interested in learning more about the private investigation career opportunities. The Private Investigator’s Academy of the Rockies was extremely professional and informative. Rick Johnson was a wealth of knowledge and willingly shared his expertise and experience with the class. I would highly recommend this course.”

Susan Leibsly – Spring 2010

“Must-have class for anyone doing or planning to be a private investigator. If you thought you knew everything, sit back for a rude awakening about investigations.”

Joshua Hale – Spring 2009

“This class helped to show me the real side of investigating. I feel like I have all the tools I need to start my business.”

Rich Hall – Spring 2009

“This is everything I had hoped it would be. Pure, honest, education. Rick is quick on his feet, speaks from his heart, and is a wellspring of knowledge. I learned and learned and learned. The class is worth every single penny charged (and then some).”

Melvin Boone – Spring 2009

“I was genuinely impressed with the depth and breadth of information presented in this class. Rick, your personality and no-nonsense approach make this class entertaining and educational.”

Anonymous – Spring 2009

“If you want professional instruction that goes beyond theory and into the realm of reality, then get set for this ride!

Chuck Denisen, Ph.D. – Fall 2004

“The information, enthusiasm, and overall thoroughness of Rick Johnson and his colleagues in the PI business have left me intrigued…. Thank you!”

Christine Garrabrants – Fall 2004

“By far the most useful class I’ve seen for new investigators.”

H. Andrew Schmidt III – Fall 2003

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