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Andrea was tired of wondering so we found out the truth. Rick Johnson & Associates has a proven track record of family law investigations involving in-depth backgrounds, issues of trust, stalking, parental kidnapping, and "just who the hell am i with?"


We Can Find Your Loved One

When you dont know and need to know, call Rick Johnson & Associates who can who can put his 40 years of in-depth and proven investigative knowledge to work for you.


I Should've Done a Background Check

There is no one in Colorado with the experience of a District Attorney and Grand Jury Investigator with a proven track record like Rick Johnson & Associates.


Questions? Call (303) 296-2200

Questions? Call (303) 296-2200

We understand that your trust must be earned. Here’s what makes Rick Johnson & Associates worthy.

Our clients include many of the nation’s major insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, premier law firms, government entities, private individuals and more.

  • Our agency, built on a record of Responsiveness, Responsibility, and Achievement, ensures a level of performance that is second to none.

  • High Energy, Hard Work, Intelligence, and Integrity characterize our work. We have a reputation for getting the job done.

  • Founded by an investigator formerly with the Denver and Jefferson County District Attorneys’ Offices.

  • Thorough, Professional, and Responsive to your needs.

The Time for Answers is Right Now. What are you Looking For?

Working from a sophisticated, computerized office with access to national public and proprietary resources and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, our agency maintains specialties in matters of insurance, complex civil cases, medical malpractice, environmental issues, family law concerns, business and corporate issues, and employment matters.

The Private Investigators Academy of the Rockies

Rick Johnson, Founder and President of the Academy, is a former investigator for the Denver and Jefferson County District Attorneys’ Offices, as well as a Grand Jury Investigator for both offices, and is founder and president of the Colorado Society of Private Investigators, who has committed every bit of his 39 years of experience in law enforcement and in private practice to the Academy.

The premier school in Colorado for prospective investigators with classes taught by some of the best investigative minds in Colorado. Classes are beginning soon- sign up today!

What can you expect from the Private Investigators Academy?

The PI Academy of the Rockies has been listed in the top 5 classroom PI training programs in the country with

Inquire: The Colorado Society of Private Investigators is Colorado’s finest private investigator organization.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Larry B. Hooks, PC, Atlanta, GAJanuary 2018

“As an attorney and long-time private fiduciary I have handled many different types of trusts and estates, and various types of assets. However, one of my most recent estates presented numerous challenges, only one of which was locating a significantly large but unusual asset, and then providing custody of it while I was located 1400 miles away. Engaging you and your firm to assist was the easiest and best course we took. You accomplished all we asked, and did it for less than the retainer, returning 30% of the cost back to us promptly. You were very professional in working with me and our agents to satisfy our time constraints. This enabled us to comply with our original sales and marketing strategy as planned. Your timeliness and persistence has benefited both me as a fiduciary and my clients. Thank you for your efforts and prompt results!”

GinaSeptember 2017

“I would definitely call on Rick Johnson & Associates at Denver Private Investigators again in the future! Rick responded immediately to my concern, and quickly found the answer I was looking for. Five Stars, for sure!!”

StanJune 2017

“Thank you Rick for spending the better part of an hour educating me about my own needs that I thought I understood but actually did not. You did your best to talk me out of just throwing money at a situation in hopes that it would help.”

TravisFebruary 2016

“This firm is serious and gave excellent advice with regards to my concerns. I feel more confident about my situation because of their attention to detail and immediate commitment on the issue. I would definitely recommend them.”

AnonymousSeptember 2016

“I called Rick for a consultation, he educated me on what would be the best thing to do in my situation. I found it very helpful and very pleased to say he was not another money hungry person.”

MicheleJanuary 2017

“I called Rick with an investigation that I need that crosses over from Family into Business. He was very professional and provided tips to pursue that we had not thought of. Terrific information. He did not have the time to handle the investigation, but did take the time to explore the situation and to be very helpful. I am ever so grateful.”

MarieJuly 2016

“Rick Johnson started working on my case right away. He knew how to approach the situation and where to go/who to contact to gather information I needed. I appreciated his guidance and assessment of the situation. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and professional. I would work with him again if ever needed.”

MariaMarch 2016

“I found Rick Johnson through an internet search. My special thanks to Rick for the extra time and effort he put in were certainly worthwhile. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Rick and absolutely will use his services again if the need arises.”

Mr. B.October 2018

“Rick was very prompt in returning my call, and quickly sized up the limits of private investigation. Although he could not do the investigation I was asking about, he gave me some savvy advice on ways to reduce the risk about which I was concerned. For local matters I would readily call him for help. My subject was out of state. Good guy, Rick Johnson.”

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