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The Private Investigators Academy of the Rockies

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Complex Questions for the Private Investigator

Complex Questions

The course fee includes all materials. The fee for this course of study is an extraordinary value… an investment that can pay high dividends. Consider that private investigators in Colorado earn anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour. Balance that against the costs of the Academy. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

At the moment there are 120 potential students for the next session and only 40 slots. With limited slots available, we suggest you don’t delay!


Standard $775
Veterans $675
CSPI Members $675
PPIAC Members $700
Returning PIA Graduates $500
Cancellation Fee: $250

Veterans must be honorably discharged and provide a copy of their DD214.

Class Location

The Denver Athletic Club
1325 Glenarm Place
Denver, Colorado, 80204

Where to Park

Indoor Parking Available via 14th Street.
The Street is one-way East. Additional
parking is available at nearby parking lots.


Student Testimonials

“Rick Johnson is Colorado’s premier private investigator. If you’re serious about private investigations, this class is where you want to be.”

“This Academy far exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended the Fall Academy to a couple of my interested friends.”

“This class is an enormous source for anyone thinking about becoming a P.I.”

“The course was very informative. I enjoyed hearing examples from Mr. Johnson, real life experiences in the industry.”

Course Contents

*Course content may be changed without notice.

  • Meet Rick Johnson
  • Homework Assignments
  • The Colorado PI Licensing Law
  • How to Start and Run a PI Business
  • Public and Database Information
  • Family Law Investigations
  • General Surveillance
  • Criminal Defense Investigations (Jenn Brown)
  • Report Writing
  • The Successful Interview
  • On the Witness Stand
  • Public Corruption
  • The Background Investigation
  • Academy Quiz
  • Discussion of Complex Issues Involving the Private Investigator

Who Should Attend?

This is a strong introductory course for those who are committed to careers as private investigators in Colorado, for active investigators who want to renew and hone their skills, and for those who, if not yet committed, have a burning interest in learning more.

For someone considering entering the field, the course focuses in detail on the important basics… how to set up and operate a business… how to prepare reports… client relations… marketing… and, most importantly, it provides detailed insights into key investigative areas, such as domestic surveillance, background investigations, skip tracing, service of process, financial investigations, and much more.

For someone already active as an investigator, the Academy offers a chance to hone existing skills, learn new skills, and to interact with some of the best known experts in the field.

For someone not yet committed, this is the definitive course that will leave you with no doubt about what “PI” really means.

The PI Academy of the Rockies has been recognized by as one of the top 5 classroom PI training programs in the country. It’s the premier school in Colorado for prospective and new investigators. This is your opportunity to learn the techniques, tips, tricks, even secrets that help define the very meaning of the term “Private Investigator.”

Rick Johnson, Founder and President of the Academy, is a former investigator for the Denver and Jefferson County District Attorneys’ Offices, as well as a Grand Jury Investigator for both offices, and is founder and president of the Colorado Society of Private Investigators, who has committed every bit of his 39 years of experience in law enforcement and in private practice to the Academy.

“This is the no-nonsense, tell it like it is class for those who are serious about the profession,” says Rick. “It’s critically important for those in our profession to have a full understanding of the tactics and techniques… the principals and ethics that every PI must achieve. Excellence is not just a goal. It’s a requirement!”

During this 18-hour, 5-session course, you’ll be introduced to the critical thinking skills necessary for investigators, surveillance, family and business law investigations, public corruption, conducting interviews, how to find and use public records, how to deal with clients, how to create meaningful reports, think outside of the box, and much more.

Jennifer Brown, a Certified Legal Investigator with a law degree, specializing in high-level criminal cases, including death penalty mitigation on both the Federal and State level, will give a two-hour presentation during the Tuesday, April 19, session. She has 14 years of experience in private investigations and is well known for her work on criminal defense cases. She attended the first Academy in the Fall of 2003.

A Certificate of Completion will be presented at the end of the course.

If you ever thought about joining the ranks of one of the most dynamic and rewarding professions, this is your chance to truly explore that possibility.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is for Private Investigators and Those New to the Profession.

Cost for 3-hour sessions will be $125 per class. Dates to be announced. Stay tuned!

Classes are held at:

The Denver Athletic Club
1325 Glenarm Place
Denver, Colorado, 80204

For More Information:

Phone: (303) 296-2200

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